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Ancestry DNA Testing

Ancestry DNA testing unlocks many answers and provides several benefits.

Do you wonder where your ancestors came from? As a “melting pot” nation, our diversity can sometimes complicate our understanding of heritage. Issues of heredity, legal concerns over beneficiaries, rights to property or compensation, resulting from previous offenses to your lineage – all come into question and can be answered through ancestry DNA testing.

Ancestry DNA Testing

Save Time & Money While Unlocking Your Family Ancestery

Instead of spending hours at the computer trying to figure out where previous generations of family members were born, or in which areas of the world your ancestors lived – get a quick and simple ancestry DNA test to unlock the secrets. Stop into New England Drug Testing for a simple cheek swab followed by a brief waiting period in order to obtain accurate results you may share with friends and family.


New England Drug Testing offers ancestry DNA (genetic) testing also known as genealogy DNA testing. Genetic testing is used for a variety of reasons including:

  • To determine if two people are related
  • To determine if two people descend from the same ancestor
  • To find out if you are related to others with the same surname
  • To prove or disprove your family tree research
  • To provide clues about your ethnic origin

To get started on your ancestry research, contact New England Drug testing today for an appointment.

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