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Athletic Health

The Athletic Health of individuals and school programs is paramount for both to be successful.

Athletic HealthDrug use by athletes has been a controversial issue for many years. Athletes often use artificial stimulants to give them a physical and mental advantage over their opponents. From high school to college and even professional sports, athletes often use some form of banned substance to assist with the competition they may face. The origin of the word “doping” is attributed to the Dutch word “doop,” which is a viscous opium juice, the drug of choice of the ancient Greeks. The use of stimulants, such as amphetamine, cocaine, strychnine, and ephedrine, in sports was reported in the early 1900s. A 1997 survey of student-athletes indicated an increased use of ephedrine.

Athletes justify bending the rules for a number of reasons. By his or her nature, the elite athlete is driven to succeed. Most athletes surveyed have indicated in an anonymous survey their willingness to take prohibited substances if they could not be caught and would consistently win.

New England Lab Testing works with all sports team, school districts, sports administrators and organized sport leagues, to test for use of steroids, diaretics or stimulants often used by athletes seeking to get an “edge”.

We can assist you in following the mandated drug-testing policy for your league. We can also step in if you suspect an athlete has violated your team’s drug and alcohol guidelines. If you need a drug and alcohol testing partner to ensure the athletic health of your team, call your local New England Lab Testing today.

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