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Maternity Testing

Maternity testing confidently and accurately determines whether an alleged mother is the biological mother of a child.

DNA maternity testWe are proud to offer the latest 21-genetic marker science when it comes to DNA testing. At New England Drug Testing, we are committed to quality testing and the highest standards, that is why we only perform DNA paternity tests in a manner and under circumstances allowing the results to be used in courts of law.

To determine the biological mother of your child, we adhere to a strict legal Chain of Custody DNA Maternity Test.  This test gives you an accurate determination (with an average probability of maternity of 99.9%) of who the child’s biological mother is.

This test is required when a person is attempting to seek or deny child support, child custody or visitation; seek medical, social security or military benefits; add or remove a Name from the child’s birth certificate and/or Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity; immigration; and adoption.

The process is very simple and easy.  It starts by collecting epithelial cell samples using a soft swab rubbed on the inside cheeks of the mouth to obtain DNA from the child and the alleged mother.  To improve the statistical accuracy of paternity testing, it is always desired to have the mother’s DNA as part of the test. A sample from the known father is not required, but can be useful.

To learn more about maternity testing or if you need DNA testing to prove biological maternity, please contact New England Drug Testing to request an appointment today.

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