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Forensic DNA Testing

DNA is the most powerful tool available for identification in forensic investigations.

Forensic DNA is often referred to as a “digital fingerprint” because of its ability to link physical evidence found at a crime scene to a single person. Forensic DNA is so precise that it can ensure pinpoint accuracy, down to one in a billion. DNA exists in every cell of the human body, from hair and blood to skin and tears, and can be easily shed while committing a crime.

Our mobile resources have consistently been proven trustworthy for law enforcement agencies, lawyers, private investigators and others in the judicial system. Forensic evidence can be used in cases of inheritance, relationships of the deceased, crimes and other related scenarios.

DNA Matching

Our collection process is extremely impeccable. Our mobile DNA collection specialists and laboratory personnel work together to determine the most probative pieces of evidence and to establish priorities. We are able to collect samples from clothing, cigarette butts, undergarments, drinking cups. toothbrushes, combs and much more.

Infidelity Testing

Our trained collectors ensure a valid and reliable testing process. Some samples we test include undergarments, bedding, trash and more.

New England Drug Testing ensures professionalism and confidentiality in cases of suspected marital infidelity. Oftentimes, infidelity testing is required in cases when seeking a fault divorce. In states that allow proof of infidelity as the cause of divorce, New England Drug Testing can provide professional and discrete infidelity DNA testing. Infidelity in a fault divorce situation could impact: (1) Alimony, (2) Child support and custody, and (3) Distribution of assets and property.

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