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Legal DNA Testing

legal paternity testing

Are you or your clients facing one or more of the following situations regarding DNA Testing:

  • Seeking or denying child support case
  • Determining child custody or visitation arrangements
  • Seeking medical, military, or social security benefits
  • Adding or removing a name from a child’s birth certificate
  • Immigration
  • Adoption
  • Inheritance cases (e.g. establishing biological relationship with the deceased)
    These are common situations where DNA Testing can provide resolution. New England Drug Testing can help you gather the evidence needed to address these circumstances.

What is legal DNA Testing?

A legal paternity test establishes the relationship between a child and his or her parents. This court-admissible DNA test is a statistical calculation of the probability that the father and child are related. Paternity tests can prove a biological relationship between a parent and child, as well as other familial ties, such as siblings. How is the test performed?

Collecting samples for this procedure is quick and painless. A cheek swab is collected from the alleged father and child. While a mother’s participation is not required, it is highly encouraged. Half of a child’s DNA is contributed by the mother, and the laboratory can compare her DNA to the child’s to determine her genetic contribution. The DNA remaining must then match the alleged father. Probability of paternity is statistically higher when the mother participates because lab technicians will have all known parental data. However, if the mother’s DNA is unavailable, paternity tests are still highly accurate.

Pre-birth DNA Testing

Sometimes waiting is not an option. We offer non-invasive paternity testing for pregnant mothers. This safe alternative can be performed as early as eight weeks into pregnancy and boasts an accuracy of over 99%. Our prenatal paternity testing is performed with zero risk to the baby. A sample of blood is drawn from the mother, and a cheek swab is taken from the father.

Do you need assistance settling family matters? Request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a DNA specialist who can answer all of your questions.
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