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DNA Testing Laboratory

Life has many mysteries, but they shouldn’t include who you are or where you came from. We understand that dealing with the results of a DNA test can be very emotional. You want results as fast as possible, even though they can change your life or that of your client’s in an instant.

The key to unlocking answers of ancestry, parenthood, and court cases lies within DNA, which is tucked away safely in each and every cell of the human body. DNA is the genetic blueprint that determines a person’s biological characteristics and sometimes the fate in a court case. Gathering DNA samples is quick and painless. All our technicians need is to collect a few cells from the inside of the cheek of the person being tested using a large cotton swab.

DNA samples can be used for a wide variety of legal matters, such as:

  1. the addition or removal of a father’s name from a birth certificate,
  2. child support claims,
  3. child custody hearings,
  4. estate matters regarding questions of inheritance rights,
  5. infidelity cases for divorce proceedings,
  6. life insurance claims and
  7. individuals seeking social security or military benefits.

New England Drug Testing is one of the most respected DNA testing laboratories in Worcester county, providing our customers with affordable and accurate results. No matter whether you’re seeking the answer out of pure curiosity or per court order, our laboratory will have your results within several business days.

To learn more about a particular DNA testing service our Worcester laboratory offers, please visit their respective pages. Our current services include: paternity, maternity, forensic, and ancestry.

Do you have questions that DNA testing can help answer? Schedule your appointment with a certified technician today. Walk-in appointments are also welcome at our Worcester location.

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