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Background Check

While some may consider drug testing, credit checks, reference checks, and other pre-employment checks to be Gestapo tactics, they are a requirement for many companies. And, yes, in most cases they are legal. In many cases, companies that require background and pre-employment drug testing make formal offers that are contingent on prospects passing whatever pre-employment checks and/or tests they may have. Even if it isn’t in the letter, it was probably contained within the employment application. Most employers consider these tests to be “conditions of employment,” and these conditions can be in effect even after an employee have started with the company.

Background checks are suggested for the following industries which require someone who can be trusted in the following situations:

  • Working with children, adults or the elderly
  • Handling money (especially credit information)
  • Working with confidential data (account numbers, social security numbers)
  • Using passwords and codes (protecting you AND your client’s information)
  • Working with expensive technology and office supplies

Our compiled data is compliant with Fair Credit Report Act regulations, therefore providing the confidence you need for a background check.

An effective background and pre-employment drug screen can provide insights into a person’s past and be an indicator of potential issues in the future.

Take the extra step of a Background Check on your potential employees through the experts at New England Drug Testing. It will give you the tools to the hire only the best and most reliable for your team.